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Champagne Soiree

On this, my 32nd birthday, I am sharing a few snaps from the champagne tasting soiree I threw last weekend for a few close friends. My fiance, Dan, originally came up with the idea knowing how much I adore fizzy beverages. I talk incessantly about how I want to learn more about real champagne and throw some quality bottles into my repertoire besides the occasional sparkling wines like Vueve Clicquot. As it turns out, I thought it was such a good idea that I took over most of the planning (oops!).

I spent the morning arranging flowers, which has quickly become one of my favorite things to do, and dusted off my pink depression glass serving ware. I wanted to stick with a pink/magenta color scheme and was excited to see it all come together. Since Dan and I are still building our registry (more on that soon) and lacking many serving pieces, I thought it might be fun to incorporate my Mom and Grandmother’s teacups to serve nuts and other treats in. Worked pretty well!

The finishing touch was the gorgeous rose colored champagne coupes from Nimble Well. We were going to pour champagne into the tower but somehow neglected to do that as well. For sure we will do it at our wedding this September.

For the tasting, I wanted to showcase different varieties of champagnes and did a ton of research before heading to the store. I selected 6 bottles for guests to sample, all from Champagne, France; a Blanc de Blanc, Blanc de Noir, two Brut’s specifically to demonstrate the variance in body, aroma, color, etc., a Demi-sec and a Rose. We used scorecard printables that I found on Let’s Mingle, which added a fun element to the tasting.

Of course I slacked on taking a photo of the actual bottles we purchased. I wanted to get a few pics in the moments before guests arrived and it completely slipped my mind. Also, while doing the tasting, I neglected to write down my own thoughts, getting caught up in running the tasting. Ridiculous, I know, however, perhaps a good excuse to try each bottle again?

It may not have been perfect, but boy was it FUN! I am very much looking forward to 32 and feel oh so thankful for the love in my life. Friends, family and a fantastic fiance. What more could a girl ask for?

Cheers friends!


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