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Boudoir: Things to consider if you’re on the fence

Let’s face it, there is a lot of vulnerability involved in boudoir. It is a very intimate and self-reflective experience, one RLP approaches with tender loving care.

It requires bravery and boldness to reveal those authentic parts of yourself; both internally & externally.

The short answer to the question is YES! If this type of portrait photography interests you, DO IT!


As we discussed in our last post, the RLP approach is to create an authentic portrait experience by using natural posing, detailed photographs and interesting perspectives to tell your unique story.

Fit is the most important element when choosing a boudoir photographer. There are thousands of photographers who have their own take on boudoir, value set and price points. Just because you may like someone’s portfolio, or their ‘affordable’ prices, doesn’t mean they are the right person for the job.

I encourage you to focus on FIT first and ask yourself the following questions:

Boudoir_ Things to Consider(1)

My suggestions for you are this:

  • Do your research on photographers in your area that do boudoir and pay careful attention to their approach. Schedule a call to see if you think they understand your vision and if you ‘click’
  • If you find someone out of your price range, save up, make payments or postpone until you can make it work (No two photographers are equipped with the same skillset, approach & value set)
  • Think of boudoir as a celebration. One that every woman deserves. You don’t need an excuse or anyone’s blessing or approval
  • Remember that photographers are NOT miracles workers. Or therapists. Nor are we plastic surgeons. If you are unhappy with your body right now, chances are that you won’t be thrilled with your photographs. Truth bomb: everyone has insecurities. (I have TONS) Boudoir is about embracing them. Also, I have lots of strategies for disguising ‘problem’ areas and highlighting your best assets.
  • TRUST that your photographer has your best interest at heart. We know that this process can be awkward and uncomfortable. Let us guide you.

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