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RLP Fine Art Boudoir – Our Approach

You might be wondering what boudoir photography is and if it’s for you…

Makes sense.

Truth is, every photographer has their own vision and interpretation of what boudoir is/isn’t. This very thing is what makes each of us different and highlights the importance of finding an artist whose approach makes you excited to take the leap!


My role as your photographer is deeper than glaming you up and snapping photos where you look like a Playboy model. There is an entire industry dedicated to that form of art, however, if you wound up on this page, I suspect you are intrigued about what else is out there.

First and foremost, you were not created for consumption. Let that sink in for a minute.

Regardless of your motives for doing boudoir…

  • To surprise your fiance or partner
  • Celebrate a milestone in your life
  • Weight-loss transformation
  • Simply to celebrate yourself in this moment

…this experience is about YOU. Sure, your partner may reap the benefits of it but YOU are the one who has to feel worthy of the experience.


My ultimate goal is to help pull back the layers and find that beautiful place inside where authenticity reigns.

It is my priority that you feel comfortable & confident in front of the lens, otherwise, what is the point? Despite all this, I want you to have FUN, embracing ALL that makes you unique.

In summary, fine art boudoir is a unique and empowering experience best shared with an artist who you can relate to.

What is your story?

And in case you were wondering… this process doesn’t have to be intimidating. Anyone who knows me well can attest to my quirky and relatable sense of humor. Along this process, we will get to know each other, laugh, joke, and toast to commemorate this incredible occasion.



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