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Martha Stewart Wedding Party Engagement Session Winners


Let me introduce you to Leena & Ehab. I had the pleasure of meeting them at the Martha Stewart Wedding Party this past March when I was showcasing all the goodness that is Roots of Life Photography. When I introduced myself, Ehab commented that he was one of a dozen or so grooms at the show but was excited to be there. While I was chatting with them, Leena mentioned that Ehab had surprised her with tickets and took HER to the show. How sweet is that?

To say it only gets sweeter from there is an understatement. During the show, I ran a contest for a complimentary engagement session. The only thing entrants had to do was tell me their love story (how they met or got engaged, etc.). Upon reviewing the entries that evening with my best girlfriends over a bottle (or 2) of champagne, it was clear that Leena & Ehab were the clear winners. Not only were they engaging, fun to talk with & ADORABLE but the chemistry they have is undeniable and aww-inducing.

Let me share a snippet of their entries to show you what I mean:


“I met Ehab Freshmen year of college while riding the Metra. I thought he was attractive immediately but we became good friends. I always thought he was out of my league so I was happy to have him become my best friend. He was always my go-to guy and the only guy I ever completely trusted. So it was to my surprise when he told me he had feelings for me. I became the happiest girl in the world. And now, not only is he my best friend, but my love and very soon-to-be husband.”


“It was my second year of my college career. I hated taking the Metra. It was just so annoying. On this particular day, I saw Leena for the first time and my heart just dropped. It was like the perfect Jazz tune playing in my head. From that day I just wanted to take the train so I could have a chance to see her.”

My heart is melting all over the place!

It is with great excitement that I share their story and document their engagement.

Xx Tara

This year is an adventure for these two. Leena just started P.A. (Physicians Assistant) school & Ehab is finishing up his PhD down in Georgia. Since the two are going to be apart for a while, Leena bought them both matching bracelets with beads of lava ash which are meant to symbolize the past. Leena says, “That way we always have a bit of the past that has made us who we are, and that now together we can take that and create our future together!”

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