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Valentine’s Day Floral Pop Up Shop


On Valentine’s Day, my dear friend Tiffany, of A Splendid Occasion, had a floral pop up shop at Lovely: A Bake Shop. It was awesome! For those of you who aren’t familiar with pop-ups, it’s where a vendor sells their product at another business. Sometimes you will see clothing or accessory pop-ups at other boutiques or stores. It’s a good way for businesses to showcase other vendors with like-minded approaches that offer products or services that will appeal to their own clientele. In this case, Tiffany wanted to sell bouquets of flowers on Valentine’s Day in person rather than relying solely on people placing orders through her. She partnered with the AH-MAZING Gina, of Lovely Bake Shop & set up a mini store inside the bakery. She sold out in just a few hours! Quite a few people were relived to be able to pick up something quickly for their Valentine & everyone was really impressed with the flowers she picked for the event.

She also worked with Loreen of Reenie Rose & Rent Vintage Chicago on the fabulous chalkboard that you see.

Be sure to check out Tiffany’s portfolio! Not only is she a florist but she is a talented wedding planner with a knack for styling & creating the most gorgeous events you have ever seen.

Tiffany & Gina ready to rock & roll!

Milly Gray provided these adorable little Valentine’s cards for the event. How cute?!

Loreen of Reenie Rose showcased her calligraphy skills on this Rent Vintage Chicago chalkboard.


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