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Logan Square, Architectrual Artifacts Engagement Session


Sarah & Tyson are fascinating people, and GORGEOUS! They are the coolest couple and I am so honored to have gotten to work with them and share their story with you today.

Sarah, a petite little lady with huge personality, is a furniture and home decor buyer as well as a product & brand developer. A lover of vintage/antiques for as long as she can remember, Sarah has bought and sold vintage in various forms since college. She is a gifted artist as well as illustrator. View some of her work here:

Tyson, a strikingly handsome fellow, is a mix of real estate and music with a keen eye for fashion and photography. His passion is music: playing and creating. He got his start as a guitar player in a death metal band and is currently producing his own music from a home studio as well as scores for small films. Tyson recently challenged himself to write one song per day for the month of October!! An incredible task indeed.  Check out his accomplishment at:

Here’s where their story begins:

While waitressing to save up for an upcoming trip (2006), Sarah met a couple who fell in love with her and wanted to set her up with their son. She disregarded it and went off to explore Europe. After traveling for a few months, she came back to finish college and met Tyson who had coincidentally transferred to her school. Their first date was to a rummage store where he created a riddle maze of how to find him and she made him home-made truffles. Months later, when she was introduced to his family, they discovered it was Tyson who the random couple wanted to set her up with! How random and amazing is that?!

Both Sarah and Tyson continued to travel and study abroad, though they never lost touch (more on that in the pictures). She traveled to Italy, London, France and Israel for an archaeological dig. His adventures took him to China, Mexico, Vietnam & New Zealand. Sarah rerouted her own trip so the two could travel together in New Zealand. They lived and traveled in an old painters van that Ty converted into a camper.

Now they live together in Logan Square, a hip neighborhood of Chicago.

I spent two days with them, capturing their spunky personalities and kooky fashion sense. It was a total blast!


Sarah and Tyson, it was an unbelievable pleasure to capture your beautiful love. I hope you adore these photographs as much as I do. You are very lucky to have found each other.

xo Tara

Styling: Tara Wickey & Sarah Plovanich

Assistant: Rebekah Planto

Blush pink dress and robes- hand beaded 1920’s- Antiques & Resale

Locations: Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Architectural Artifacts


Below: We stopped at a blue ‘Bus Shop’ for a few pictures. How perfect?!

Below: Bang Bang Pie Shop- A favorite weekday afternoon/Sunday morning spot for coffee and biscuits

Below:  Exploring Humboldt Park

Below: Fun at Architectural Artifacts

(Below): Molecular necklace- The chemical compound of chocolate.

Tyson bought Sarah dark chocolate (the necklace) and flowers. *Gentlemen, take note.*

(Below:) Telescope & armillary sphere, both vintage gifts from Sarah to Tyson.

While apart for many months, the two would set up Skype dates where they would play online scrabble and look at solar system images together. 

Below: Our Gatsby inspired look…

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